While connecting to Highway 87 from I-280, a man in a Chevy pick-up truck crashed into another car. The collision threw the 27-year-old victim from his car, and he died at the scene. Merging onto a highway from a connector or onramp is one of the most dangerous and frightening parts of Northern California driving. While Bay Area freeways are nearly a must for getting around, they can be extremely hazardous for a variety of reasons.

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The victim, a San Jose man, was driving southbound on 280 attempting to merge onto southbound 87. He was headed for the left lane on the connector ramp when the accident occurred, ejecting him from the pickup truck. Authorities stated that alcohol was a likely factor. While drunk driving is a constant road danger, NoCal freeways possess many other hazards including high speeds, multiple connectors, onramps and off ramps, heavy traffic, and large vehicles such as tractor trailers and buses.

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