BMW X6 M50d Comes In Australia

The BMW X6 M50d has made it in Australia as the 1st in a wave of new M Performance vehicles that are basically a diluted edition of the German car manufacturer high powered, flagship models.

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The latest BMW M50d arrives as part of an update to the X6 range and it's price is $ 157,000. BMW states that the new M Performance series, which would be extended later this year with an M135i variant of it's 1-Series range, would have a dissimilar level of appeal to the full M models.

The pure M cars are for car fanciers who emphasize on dynamics, perhaps with racetrack applications, as their main reason for buying. The X6 M50d, still, boasts the worlds most powerful 6 cylinder engine, according to the car manufacturer.

It makes two hundred and eighty kW of power and seven hundred and forty Nm of torque from a familiar three point zero litre straight 6 engines that gets it's performance boost from 3 turbochargers.

That boosts the BMW X6 M50d from 0 to100km h in five point three seconds a 10th quicker than the X6 50i but zero point six sec slower than the full blown M edition of the coupe like SUV, the X6 M which is powered by a four hundred and eight kW six hundred and eighty Nm four point four litre V8.

The BMW X6 gains other points of distinction to models below it. The outside of this car includes a power dome bonnet, an M50d badge on the rump, twenty inch M alloy wheels, and slatted side air vents that ditch fog lights so they could be larger for providing more air to the inter coolers.

Inside this car has up rated interior trim and M embossed door sills and seats, with the latter made from a combination of Alcantara and Nappa leather. The BMW X6 M50d would be joined by a twin in August, the BMW X5 M50d that features precisely the same tri turbo engine and is priced from $ 147,000.


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