The Suzuki Grand Vitara Proves Rugged and Refined

The new rugged, yet refined Suzuki Grand Vitara has been garnering attention for it's tight performance and luxury feel. A recent review by Prescott News was no exception, praising the Grand Vitara for it's wide variety of features.

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The test Suzuki used in the review was equipped with a navigation system, six-disc CD changer, fog lights, a 3.2 liter V-6 engine and four-wheel drive transmission. It earned big points for overall value as the whole package, including new gear, came in at a very affordable $25,000.

The Grand Vitara car boasts a magnificent transmission, and it's competent suspension delivers it a tight performance feel. Four-wheel disc brakes stop this little ride like brick wall. John Dickerson, Prescott News

One of the few true SUVs in production today, the versatile Grand Vitara handles just as well in rugged terrain as it does in the city.

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