How to Beat Car Rental Agency Prices

Car rental agencies may seem like they want to help you with your car rental needs, but that comes at a price. You can easily beat their prices with a few strategies that are known to create better pricing options for your rental needs. One of the best tools in your defense is time. As long as you can book in advance, possibly 2 weeks or more, you are likely to get better pricing options when booking with them directly. The following options are great ways to get better pricing on your rental vehicles:

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Coupon Codes - there are several websites and sources for coupon codes that are designed to give you a considerable discount on your rental car needs. These codes can even offer you a free day use of a vehicle on a certain day or offer you a large discount for weekly rentals. Depending on your individual needs, coupon codes can be a great help to beat rental agency prices. These codes are also offered directly by the car rental agencies when you sign up for their newsletter and special offers through their websites, sent directly to your email.

Online Rentals - When you decide to book your car rentals online, you can get great discounts on vehicles that are otherwise not available through the rental counter where you will be making your rental contract. Many of the specialized options for comparison price shopping online offer you a great way to browse all of the available vehicles from several companies for your travel dates. This is a great way to ensure that you are getting the right vehicle for your travels at a reduced rate. Online sales contracts can also be influenced by age and other factors for a better rental deal!

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